Tips for a First-Time Home Seller


Selling a house can be very different than buying one. Selling a house is about maximizing profit potential. These tips are intended for new sellers or anyone looking to refresh their knowledge in real estate.


Ask your agent about the standard real estate commission.

You should consider the costs and benefits of the commission paid to the real estate agent. It is important to verify the performance record. A full-service broker or agent will not offer a discount. The contract must be signed from the beginning.

Your home will not sell on its own, no matter what you may hear or what real-estate websites might tell you. It is impossible to know everything. Professionals can help you to sell your house.

Pricing your home accurately

It’s not a good idea for your home to be priced high, then reduced. You don’t want your money to go.

A reputable listing agent can help you do this. Don’t choose your cousin’s sister-in-law who is just interested in real estate. You will have a better chance of succeeding if you choose an experienced real estate agent who has sold many listings in your local area.

A value estimate is prepared by an agent by analyzing comparable sales. This is often called a CMA, or complementary market analysis.

Staging your home increases the selling power and appeal

Ask your agent for tips on how to prepare your house for sale. Most homes look better if half of the furniture has been removed. You have done your job correctly if the buyer comes into your home and asks if there are people living there. Staging your home can increase your sales power.

Painting is the single most important improvement that you can make. Don’t let wall dents or scratches reflect neglectful maintenance.

The best day to list your house

The day you choose to list your house is the best. The time frame depends on where you live, the weather, the season, and other factors like the state of the real estate market. Only one chance exists to present your home in its best light on the day it goes up for sale.


Flexibility is important when it comes to home showings

When it comes to showings, flexibility is key. If you feel home showings are too intrusive, you can choose to move out of your home on the first weekend that it is for sale. Strangers might feel intrusive if they have the opportunity to visit your home and look at your kitchen cabinets.

In peace and quiet, let a buyer and their agent visit your home. This is the best way for you to sell your house. 

You should leave your home if buyer’s agents are present. Any comments you make could be and will be used against you. The buyer’s agent wants to be able to view the property without interference.


Host an Open House

You can have an open house if your home is ready. Open houses may not be for everyone. If your open house is located in an area that is highly visited, it is possible for visitors to come. Ask your agent if they offer open houses online. Many home buyers never want to buy a house until they have seen an open house and fall in love.


Professional photography

Professional photos are a must if you have a top-notch agent who represents your listing. It’s not enough to have the right angle in the photo. They attract more people because they are rich in color and depth. Ask for approval before the virtual tour or photo tour can be published.

Online Review of Your Listing

Manage the details and listings of your home on various websites to ensure accuracy. While agents will do their best to ensure accuracy, your home is your property and you can be the best judge of details. If you find a missing feature, contact your agent immediately and ask for an inclusion.

Response promptly to purchase requests

Any purchase offer requires that you respond quickly. Many purchase offers have a deadline within which they must be accepted or rejected. Buyers may find it frustrating to have to wait for the seller’s decision on whether to accept or reject their offer. The same applies if you are selling your home in order to buy a new one.


Get in touch early with Movers

It is important that you schedule your movers in advance. If you move in May, it is possible that movers will not be available on the day you require. This is because movers are most busy at this time. You can begin packing before your house is put up for sale. This will give you an advantage over others. This will make you feel more secure. Selling your home can be stressful enough.

Last thoughts on selling your first house

There are many things you need to do before you list your house. As a first-time home seller, you may not be aware of all the ways that you can increase your sales or get the highest return on your investment. It is important to find an agent that is familiar with your local area and can guide you through each step. Each step is important. Experienced agents are well-versed in all aspects.