Five Bathroom Decor Trends to Captivate Buyers

Bathroom Decor Trends

Five Bathroom Decor Trends to Captivate Buyers

Property owners and investors often use a variety of techniques to get a quick home sale. USA Today tells readers a bathroom remodel can often provide over 100 percent returns. Whether you have a lot or a little to spend, home renovations that fit all budgets will still net results. This article talks about five captivating techniques to update any bathroom and grab the attention of people looking to purchase a new home.


Stay Timeless and Classy

Black is one of the colors that never ages. Using this tone in the bathroom can add crisp lines, create a design, or tone down a bold room. One of the most interesting ways to use this style is to pair dark faucets, spigots, sink legs, and shower heads with stark white basins, tubs, and counters. The contrast between the colors makes a bold statement. Create a fun, seasonal theme to make the house feel fresh and current to buyers. To complete the look, a few decorative touches with lush materials and patterns can soften the design and even out any hard lines.


Cozy Wood Decor Woos Buyers

To draw buyers into a room and instantly make them feel comfortable and welcome, a wood theme does the trick. Stylish accents or a full-on accent wall gives owners lots of options. From live edge shelving to nautical windows and even faux wood tiles, there are hundreds of ways to customize a bathroom. Deep, wood trim is a gorgeous idea for larger rooms where a statement piece or feature wall works better in smaller spaces. 


Make Use Of Every Little Space

Niches are all the rage in modern homes, new construction, and tight areas. Placing a small shelf in the shower gives buyers the perfect spot to place a candle, waterproof radio, towel, or toiletries. In places where space is a premium, custom shelves, corner nooks, and dual-purpose items pay off big. Many new designs feature ceiling accents, succulent walls, and skylights to make the most of the room. Another idea is to use a bare tree branch to hang towels or bathrobes. Bringing the outdoors in is an excellent way to create an emotional connection to entice potential buyers to sign the contract.


Streamline the Design With Metal and Modern Accents

One of the fastest ways to tone down a busy design is to use thin or straight lines. Industrial lighting is simple and elegant. Pairing a delicate chandelier with a stunning stone tile or marble keeps the design elegant and sleek. The harder surfaces provide texture and with the light, a bit of warmth penetrates the space keeping it cozy. Using glass accents and mirrors makes this design complete. The fixtures pull the design together with a similar color or tone. Modern styles using industrial components are clean and neat making any size bathroom feel like a designer space. 


Make a Statement With Soft Textiles

Bathroom Decor
Bathroom Trends

Persian rugs say it all this year. Any bathroom can get an instant boost in warmth with a new rug. Umber, maroon, gold, and chocolate brown are excellent colors for creating a fall carpet design. Property owners often use these rugs for staging purposes. To create an incentive for buyers, one might include the rug in the purchase price or agree to sell all the furnishings with the home. By placing ornate accessories with simple, clean designs, a property owner avoids making a bathroom feel stuffy and oppressive. Towels, curtains, and fabric prints also add a touch of softness without overpowering people.


When getting a home sold is the top priority, these five tips may help property owners entice guests to keep the home on the shortlist, or better yet, make an offer. There are many steps in getting a home sold, but creating more demand for your property is very critical.  Changing a tub into a shower can be a positive upgrade in the right market. Even small changes like adding a different color caulk or trim are all one needs to make the bathroom look amazing. With the appropriate use of color and design, you can make it easier for people to fall in love with the house.